Caravan Site nr. Mullion, Cornwall. Caravanning made easy with Skyburriowe Farm

Skyburriowe Farm Reopening

We are happy to announce Skyburriowe Farm Caravan Site will be reopening from the 17th May 2021.

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Skyburriowe Farm Caravan Site for Mullion Caravanning

There are numerous options for caravanning near Mullion including fixed caravan holiday homes but do these offer the true caravanning experienced gained by hitching up your own caravan and driving it to a site like Skyburriowe farm near Mullion. Once it may have been more convenient but now with good roads, better vehicles and much improved caravan designs it is easier to have the freedom of going wherever you want to. Caravanning around Mullion has never been easier.

Mullion is approximately four miles away from the historic working port Porthleven. Mullion is a small fishing village playing its part in Cornwall's Celtic history, culture and heritage. A land of myths, legends, culture and heritage as seen when viewing the Cornish screen saver developed to help promote Cornwall's tourism. The Caravan Site has free Wi-Fi available.

The history of Porthleven can be found in an e-book "The Wreck of HMS Anson and the Development of Porthleven Harbour". Facts about the area you would not normally now about just waiting discovery.

When caravanning near Mullion self catering is not difficult. With a selection of supermarkets located at Helston and a farmers market selling all local grown and cooked food you will be spoilt for choice. Of course others caravanning near Mullion may rather visit the local inns and restaurants to sample what others can do with local produce. Whatever your preference you cannot go caravanning near Mullion with taking home and enjoying a traditional Cornish pasty by the Horse and Jockey Bakery.

When caravanning in the Mullion area you will have the opportunity to try fresh fish straight from the sea. It is tastier and fresher than that found in supermarkets, try some and see. The fishmonger at Porthleven will do all the necessaries and also give you a recipe to try. Of course you could take a dressed crab back to your caravan to have with a salad and a bottle of Cornish wine. A good reason for caravanning around Mullion.

Living in Porthleven I am often asked about caravanning in Mullion, Helston and Lizard area. Having a friend who is a retired vet, Noel Stuart brought me into contact with many farms when Noel asked me to design his book cover. We visited many of the farms some with caravanning and camping facilities the best of which in my personal opinion is Skyburriowe on the Lizard a little further on from Mullion. Good facilities, hard roads and plenty of space.